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*sigh* - Artistic Ruminations
The Online Journal of Kristi Schueler
My laptop crashed yesterday! I'm pretty sure it's just a hard drive crash, but it means I'm a little out of commission and I'll probably be needing to fork out quite a bit of cash to try get some of the data pulled from it. Luckily I do have a new and larger hard drive for it on hand. So, I'm hoping they can swap the hard drives get that new one going and send me on my way with that one while they try recover data from the old one, but we'll have to see.

In the meantime, I'm having a sale - the current and the next classes are all $5 off and all the knitting patterns are .50 off in hopes I can generate some sales to help pay for this. http://www.designedlykristi.com/shoppingcart/ If you've been thinking about taking Printmaking, Backgrounds, Beg Bookbinding, or Intro to Collage Design, this would be a *really* great time for you to sign up. And, if you've thought about my knitting patterns, again, now would be a *really* great time for you to order them! I'd appreciate any word spread of the sale as well...

It's the worst time for it to happen as a term of classes just started. But I've known the hard drive hasn't been happy for over a year and procrastinated about taking it in because it seemed I always had something important going on - classes, or prep for classes, or a knitting pattern release to prep for etc. And, frankly, the thought of being without my laptop is like the thought of being without my right arm!

I'll be calling a recommended place in a few minutes when they open and will know more then.

In the meantime, if you are trying to get ahold of me try my gmail account as the web mail for my domain name sucks! kristi.schueler (AT) gmail (DOT) com and if you hear of anyone having troubles contacting me, pass that along. Any e-mail sent yesterday was probably lost or will likely be lost for a week or more...

Oh, I also won't be getting my LJ Comment notifcations very regularly, so please don't hold it against me if you don't get a timely reply.
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tuatha242 From: tuatha242 Date: March 6th, 2006 04:16 pm (UTC) (Link)

data recovery

you probably don't need these guys, but i always pass them on because they are so hardcore. they have recovered info from burnt computers,ones in floods etc.i was in their ofc and they have a bunch of them around plus some famous folks..amusing. but they are good . i wonder if you can write off data recovery services since you use the coputer for youre business.

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