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All But Art-Related Posts are Friends-Only

Just a note to any newcomers to my journal. I keep all posts other than art posts as friends only. If you feel we have things in common other than art and wish to read the daily whining, groaning, excitement and ponderings, just leave a comment.

I have started a new "visual art blog" where I try to post M-F with at least a photograph that captures the day, but I hope to start postng Art Journal pages and Collages etc. with more frequency soon. You can access that through kristischueler. I also have a blog about things I've read, watched or listened to at culturecatalog and my knitting at knittingfool.

I will not automatically add everyone back, that is up to my discretion, but I don't often refuse to add anyone.

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My laptop crashed yesterday! I'm pretty sure it's just a hard drive crash, but it means I'm a little out of commission and I'll probably be needing to fork out quite a bit of cash to try get some of the data pulled from it. Luckily I do have a new and larger hard drive for it on hand. So, I'm hoping they can swap the hard drives get that new one going and send me on my way with that one while they try recover data from the old one, but we'll have to see.

In the meantime, I'm having a sale - the current and the next classes are all $5 off and all the knitting patterns are .50 off in hopes I can generate some sales to help pay for this. http://www.designedlykristi.com/shoppingcart/ If you've been thinking about taking Printmaking, Backgrounds, Beg Bookbinding, or Intro to Collage Design, this would be a *really* great time for you to sign up. And, if you've thought about my knitting patterns, again, now would be a *really* great time for you to order them! I'd appreciate any word spread of the sale as well...

It's the worst time for it to happen as a term of classes just started. But I've known the hard drive hasn't been happy for over a year and procrastinated about taking it in because it seemed I always had something important going on - classes, or prep for classes, or a knitting pattern release to prep for etc. And, frankly, the thought of being without my laptop is like the thought of being without my right arm!

I'll be calling a recommended place in a few minutes when they open and will know more then.

In the meantime, if you are trying to get ahold of me try my gmail account as the web mail for my domain name sucks! kristi.schueler (AT) gmail (DOT) com and if you hear of anyone having troubles contacting me, pass that along. Any e-mail sent yesterday was probably lost or will likely be lost for a week or more...

Oh, I also won't be getting my LJ Comment notifcations very regularly, so please don't hold it against me if you don't get a timely reply.
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An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it. -- William Bernbach

I did post this yesterday, but forgot to let you know over here. This week you get to crawl inside my head as I walk you through the majority of my design process. It's a glimpse of one way that I rub my magic against my ideas so they don't turn to dust and float away like Burnbach says. In this case it's a look at knitting design, but the thought process is pretty similar for my handbound books or my mixed media pieces as well.
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The first term of classes for 2006 at Designedly, Kristi is nearly upon us! The classrooms will be opening to those who have completed payment this afternoon so you can get a chance to get to know the classroom and each other a bit before the lessons start.

There is still time to sign-up! Remember that this is the only chance to take these two classes in 2006. The choices this term are Bodacious Backgrounds and Printmaking. Sign-up at http://www.designedlykristi.com/shoppingcart/ or check out the FAQ at http://www.designedlykristi.com/classes/faq.html. 

If you sign up after the classrooms are opened this afternoon I'll get you in as soon as a can, but it may be a few hours between your PayPal payment clearing and your receipt of the classroom access codes. I do send out notifications 2-3 times each day.

 I also want to thank those of you who have helped spread the word about these classes. If you tell others to include that they found out about the classes from you in the comments section when signing up you can earn five dollars off any class of your choice in 2006! Get five or six people to sign-up and you have a free class! It is important that they include a full name or an e-mail address in that comment so I can keep accurate records (e-mail address preferred unless you have taken classes from me before and are in my shopping cart database)

 Thanks again for your support and assistance!

 Now, go forth and be creative!

:-) Kristi


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I made the hard decision this fall to stop offering my on-line classes. There were some changes taking place in our home and I was feeling spread a bit thin and burnt out and didn’t feel I was doing justice to my classes. I thought not teaching the classes would free up all kinds of time. Well, it seems all the time I spent administrating the classes has been eaten up by answering the numerous e-mails that come in each day asking me when I’ll be offering classes again.

So, due to popular demand, my on-line classes are back again. Though there are a few changes. I’ll only be offering classes four times a year and I’ll only be offering two classes at a time.

I have taught 10 different classes since I started teaching through Eclectic Academy. Two have been retired for some time due to low enrollments. I have also chosen to retire the Creative Color class. There were too many technical issues in teaching this one on-line. Everyone’s monitors and printers displayed the colors too differently. I may come out with an e-book workbook of exercises that can be used as a companion to my favorite book on color, but that won’t be taking place until later in 2006.

This means that there will be seven classes rotated through 8 class slots, so in general each class will only be offered once each calendar year. So, if a class is offered and you want to take it, I encourage you to take it when you see it being offered.

The first term of 2006 will begin March 1st and I’ll be offering the popular Bodacious Backgrounds class as well as the Printmaking Techniques for the Home Studio class. You can sign up at http://designedlykristi.com/shoppingcart/index.php?cPath=21 as usual.

Now, I do have a favor to ask of you. In order to have enough time to actually create things and develop new techniques I have quit many of the on-line art groups. This means I need all the help I can get in spreading the word about the classes being offered again. So, if you are a part of an e-mail list or yahoogroup that would be interested in the classes please point them to www.designedlykristi.com/classes/ for more info. If you keep a blog please post about the classes there as well. I will be very grateful for your assistance in spreading the word!
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Creation Quotation Thursday

Feel free to grab this button if you are playing along. If you click on it there is more info about how it will work. Also, I've set up a Flickr group if you are thinking you might play along. I encourage you to post your completed pieces there with a link to your blog/LJ post in addition to posting to a blog/LJ if you have a Flickr account. Also, if you've taken a leap this week, please post there or comment on the blog so I can showcase your work on Thursday!

Please continue to spread the word if you can!
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Dimple SocksI finished DH's Dimple Socks on Wednesday night (just barely before his birthday was over) then didn't let him wear them until I could get natural light modeled shots :-)

But, the pattern is done, complete with the usual sock wrapper that is free with the downloadable version. You can get the specs and order it at my online shop.

These are a heavier weight socks knit on US 3 & 4 needles so are quite quick knits. If I was serious about it I was able to complete one sock in about 4 days of my usual evening knitting time, so a pair can be completed in a week if you have extra knitting time on the weekends.