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Artistic Ruminations

The Online Journal of Kristi Schueler

15 April
I'm an artist and a teacher and there probably isn't a whole lot more to say. But, if you're curious go here for more.

This journal is mostly friends-only with most of the art pictures posted publicly. If you think we're a good match and you want to know about me and my life rather than just my art, drop me a comment and I'll friend you back if I feel comfortable with that. My LJ is often personal and deals with issues some may not care to read about such as dealing with chronic pain, depression, married life, trying to make a living as an artist etc.

If you are interested in my knitting and spinning, I have a fiber art blog at http://knitting.designedlykristi.com which has been syndicated as knittingfool here at LJ. That is updated nearly daily Monday through Friday.

I'm also an avid reader, movie goer, and music listener. I have a public journal about my cultural activities at http://designedlykristi.typepad.com/culture_catalog/ that is syndicated here as culturecatalog. It is mostly updated as I start and complete books or see movies or purchase CDs so it can be somewhat sporadic.

If you are interested only in my visual art I'm a part of Artists' Row at http://www.artistsrow.com/designedlykristi/blog/index.html and am kurki15 at Flickr.

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